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Starts NOW at $147! | Over 70% OFF!

We wanted to give back to our Alter Ego Fans by offering FOURTEEN $147 Boudoir Sessions!
Don't delay! This is your opportunity to book the boudoir session of your dreams.



💛 Posing Direction for EVERY Body-Type

💛 Complete Wardrobe Guidance (3 Outfit Looks!)

💛 Unforgettable Boudoir Shoot with Alter Ego Associate Team!

💛 $147 INCLUDES professional hair and makeup and session only. It does not include any prints, products, or digital files.




Posing Direction For Every Body-type! Don't Worry, You Don't Need To Be An Expert!

Boudoir may be a step out of your comfort zone but it is also a step INTO self-love and acceptance!
We have photographed many kinds of women who come from all different walks of life.
We'll have you know — whether you are in your 20s or 60s, we want you to feel jaw-droppingly gorgeous in your own skin!



💋 Those who are ready to feel alive again! You've dedicated so much of your time and life to others - family, kids, work - and it is time to reconnect what makes you - YOU!

💋 Women who are tired of comparing themselves to the Societal Beauty Standard, and ready to start seeing themselves as the beautiful person they already are.

💋 Boudoir photos make AMAZING GIFTS for your significant other! What do you get the person who has everything already? or do you really want to surprise and amaze them?!? Nothing says, I Love You, more then a book of nudes! lol (or nearly nude)

💋 Sex Workers (yes you) There is no judgement here! We are BODY positive & SEX positive. 
This is a safe space for you to create arousing images to up-leavel your brand.

💋 Perhaps you're not a sex worker, but you have sexual desires or interests that you'd like to explore. Our boudoir sessions range from PG-X
If erotica is more your style, we have the light and posing to capture it.
(It could also be your Alter Ego, a curiosity. You'll be comfortable exploring your sexual side as we guide you through how to pose to create titling images.

💋 Transgender Womxn - whether you are out, want to be out, or have to live a life hiding. We want to help create images that capture the woman that lives within you. You don't have to be born female to be photographed here. If you identify as one, you are welcome here.

💋 BRIDES - all shapes, ages, sizes, and personalities!
Looking around online at other boudoir photographers could leave you feeling that maybe boudoir isn't for you. 
We photograph EVERY BODY
and better yet
we show it!
One quick look around our social media, our website, our studio - you will see a variety of women and the all look AMAZING!  
Give your future Mr. the gift he REALLY wants - YOU.

💋 Celebrating a milestone birthday? a divorce? an empty nest? Let's capture this moment of EMPOWERMENT!

💋 Have you recently lost a lot of weight and are feeling REALLY GOOD about yourself and just need to hold onto this moment? Yep. We are here for that! It's time to CELEBRATE YOU!





Don't hesitate, click the button before they are sold out!

Last time we ran a special offer, we sold out in hours! Don't miss out because you let fear get in the way. This is your moment!

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We will send you our open dates calendar after you book.

To make sure you get a prime day/time - pick your date early! If you have to change later, we ask that you give us a 3 week notice.

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We start getting to know you & your Alter Ego!

We will send you some questionnaires to your email, this will give us a chance to get to know you better, answer any questions you might have, and plan out your dream session. You can also choose to come into the studio or have a phone call to help plan wardrobe.
We are here for you!

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We start by getting to know you over the phone.

Yay! You made it! Come on into the studio, our stylist will get your hair and makeup just the way you want it, and we will work together to capture your sexy side! Plan to be here about 3-4 hours. We want you to feel like a GODDESS, and that can't be rushed! We will pose you from your head to your toes, tell you exactly what to do, and you will FLOAT out of here! The self-esteem boost is IMMEDIATE!
(and there is nothing like it! - Don't take my word for it, read all our reviews to see for yourself!)

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Return 2-3 weeks later and see what we created.

After you leave, we will sort through your images, select the best ones, edit them and prepare a gallery for you to view when you return.
All of your images will be in both color and black and white.
There will be around 22-26 images/outfit to select from.
When you return, you will be able to choose your favorites to purchase, be prepared to LOVE more then you imagine!

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We’re an all-female team located in Utica, Michigan, dedicated to empowering women with custom Boudoir Experiences.

Our job doesn't begin and end with your photoshoot.

We are truly interested in you, your story, your journey in life, and we take the time to get to know you as an individual.



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"It was an incredible experience I recommended for anyone. You will be made to feel comfortable in your own skin. No matter what your insecurities are. It's an experience that every woman should do for themselves."

~ Jodee L.

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"I suggest every woman do this for herself!!! What an awesome experience and how great the ladies made me feel. I've always struggled with self-image, but Cat has her ways of making you feel comfortable in your skin. As a first-timer, everyone was so helpful and patient. And the outcome of my shoot.... OMG🥰I had a hard time narrowing the pictures down. Thanks so much, girls!"

~ Jamie S.


"Cat was amazing with the entire experience. Made me so comfortable even though I was so nervous. She also explains everything so you understand. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to do this!"

~ Megan P.

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"This is my second shoot with Cat! Deneen and Cat are amazing with their communication, they worked with me to bring my creative vision to life. Cat is awesome at making you feel at ease and her talent shines at image debut. I can’t wait to do it again!"

~ Beth M.



Ashley Borowsky.png

What an incredible experience from start to finish! I have always struggled with my body, and feeling insecure about how I looked. I have lost almost 90 pounds and I have always wanted to do something like this. I’m so glad I finally found my confidence because this was just the edge I needed to really love myself again. I feel so empowered and so beautiful and even a little sexy! The studio in Utica is absolutely stunning just from walking up. The studio caught my eye when driving by a while back, and the inside does not disappoint. Props and decorations are so beautiful and everything is clean and brand new! Cat and her team are so warm and welcoming! I was feeling a little nervous going into it but I was immediately relaxed! The makeup and hairstylist was so amazing, my hair and makeup was flawless! I’ll tell you that this is really an investment for your wallet, but also in yourself, and that waters down the investment in the wallet a lot! I can’t really describe what that shoot did for me, but I really feel like a whole new person, and I’m loving myself and I feel like I’m walking on cloud 9!!! Do this for yourselves ladies, it’s such a great gift to myself and my husbands not complaining either. 😉 Alter Ego was such a great choice!

~ Ashley B.


"As a woman who is on an unending journey of finding ways to explore self love I was so excited to get to my session with Alter Ego Boudoir! From day one they were so communicative and always reassured my seemingly never-ending questions. After my shoot I had all of these expectations of what my pictures would look like at my debut and let me tell you...... I WAS SPEACHLESS when Cat pulled up my proofs. I could not believe that I was looking at pictures of myself! From the bottom of my heart ; Thank you ladies so much for every ounce of passion and love that you put into the whole experience. I was amazed and will remember it forever. Strong women empowering other strong women = UNSTOPPABLE!"

~ Rachel-Lynn S.


"I was intrigued when I saw One of my Facebook friends posting about her experience at Alter Ego Boudoir. I have had a lifelong struggle with my body image and self-esteem, and I thought it might be a therapeutic adventure for me. From the time I made contact with Cat until the moment I left her studio after a wonderful photo shoot, I have been made to feel welcomed, beautiful, empowered, and of value. I cannot even begin to describe how therapeutic the experience was, but also how much fun I had. I ordered the goddess package (might be differently named now on the website) Which allowed me four outfits, about five hours of studio time and a make up and hair artist who was also just absolutely amazing. If you Have been considering a boudoir shoot, I would highly, highly recommend it. It will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself!"

~ Zemirah W.



$147 only covers a session with ALTER EGO BOUDOIR (Originally Valued $499). It does not include any prints, products, or digital files.

Books start at $899, Collections begin at $2999, and Digital Files at $200. On Average our clients spend $3000 on their final selections. This is an average, some spend more, some less, and no one ever complains about it, because they know it is worth EVERY PENNY!  We have an entire team here ready to help you tap into your super powers and reveal the goddess we know that lives within - this experience is PRICELESS!

Our team will contact you as soon as possible after purchase. All sales are final. Photo sessions must be schedule before 12/31/2023.
Pricing is subject to change.

If you are thinking about booking a session, the retainer fee will not be this low again.
There are a limited number of these sessions available and when they are sold out, the offer closes.